Spring 2016 Articles

Josh Rowan, operator of HINDU, has purchased a second boat, the William Fife replica BLOODHOUND

to allow him to re-deck HINDU without losing business ó and keep him sane in the process.

Marlinspike: How long have you owned Hindu?


Josh Rowan: About five years now, but Iíve been involved with her since 2007. I was the first captain hired in Key West by Foggy  ó Kevin Foley ó to run the boat. I was the primary captain for the winter of 2007-8, and Hindu just immediately called to me, unlike any other boat. A real love, a real connection.

But Foggy lost the boat in late 2009 to the bank. The bank offered

the boat for sale for a very large sum, and nobody wanted it. Hindu sat and rotted to the point where they were ready to put it into a dumpster...

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Clearwater, dreamed up by folk singer Pete Seeger as a way to focus attention on the badly-polluted Hudson River, is undergoing the third phase of a major rebuild this winter. Sheís currently sitting on a barge at the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston, NY, getting the work she needs to carry on her mission for another five decades. Marlinspike publisher Mike Rutstein recently visited Kingston and sat down with Captain Annika Savio and boatbuilder Jim Kricker.


Marlinspike: Clearwater was built in 1969, so this is really the latest in a series of rebuilds, beginning when she was just seven or eight years old. Is this the most substantial work thatís been done on her?


Jim Kricker: If you group the three phases of the current work together, then I think itís the most significant.


MS: The first phase was 2009, when you tackled the bow?


Annika Savio: Yes, 2009-10 was the bow third of the boat, and 2012-13 was the stern third.


MS: What exactly was done on the bow?


AS: All of the framing and planking beneath the waterline in the bow third, and also the stem knee, and parts of the cutwater...


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