Winter 2016 Articles

San Salvador, a representation of conquistador Juan Cabrilloís flagship from his 1542 exploration of California,   
 followed up a busy summer with a spectacular maiden cruise this fall. Dr. Ray Ashley is the San Diego Maritime Museumís
Executive Director and served as captain for the Pacific Heritage Tour, which took the new galleon as far north as Monterey.

Marlinspike: This summer you went through the COI process and got the San Salvador fully rigged. Did that all go fairly smoothly?

Ray Ashley: It was a very compressed, very intense level of activity. There were a lot of things we needed to do in a short period of time, in order to meet the obligations that were on our calendar. When you set up events and deadlines before the ship is even finished, you do create a certain amount of pressure on yourself!
We did the COI inspection, they went through the whole ship. We had a good sense from working with the Coast Guard over a long time ó they were constantly present during the building of the ship ó so we had good rapport and a good understanding of what their expectations where and what equipment was required. That all went very well.
We had to demonstrate to them our ability to operate the ship. What we were concerned with was that with a brand-new ship, where weíre just learning her, itís natural that it would take more crew to operate her than it might take after that stage...

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By Madalyn Freedman

Bowdoin, the official vessel of the state of Maine and the flagship of Maine Maritime Academy, is back in action after a thorough refit. She has a new deck, a rebuilt engine, upgraded systems and more, along with renewed plans for the future.
This summerís two voyages between Castine, Maine and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia were only the beginning. The ship was designed and built in 1921 to navigate the treacherous waters of the Arctic under the command of Captain Donald MacMillan. Ninety-five years later she is still up to the task, thanks to the hard work of shipwrights, students, and crew.  

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